Deals Local

Steps to Create Online Store:
  1. Login Using Your Gmail User ID
  2. List your business
  3. Manage your business and add store items
  4. Share your URL to Customer to accept orders
  5. View orders on email or online
Deals Local is an exclusive platform for Listing your business, setting your store online, offering deals/promotions and to get more recognition and to target the local buyers. In an era of growing online shopping trend, there is a huge audience of offline buyers. For such people, this app offers many advantages. They can view deals/offers in local businesses or in particular product category.
Promotions: People moved to online shopping due to availability of deals and offers. There are many platforms where people can go to view deals from online shoppers, but none for local business and that also for offline businesses. This platform is to strengthen the local business and provide tools to compete.The Deals Local will provide only local contents.
People not only buy but also they build a relationship. That relationship is the foundation of any business success. This platform will also work towards strengthening this relationship.
Business Users: Platform to setup online store, promote the business, products and deals/offers to local people. Add new online/offline store or manage existing store.
General Users: Platform for online buy, all deals/promotions of local business at one place

For Browsing promotions, Use Android Mobile App. Link Below.

Get DealsLocal App: DealsLocal@Google Play

Privacy Policy

User Data
DealsLocal takes explicit pin code to connect our customers with local business. Business users are required to verify using their email and your business and products deals are saved on server. DealsLocal does not collect any other information about your location, device information etc.

The App uses following permissions and reason for these permissions
  1. Internet Access : To sync data with server & get business request for listing
  2. Network State : To check internet access
  3. Call access : Start call to the business